A recent discovery in Bolivia sets the stage for uncovering the true history about the Giants. Elongated skulls are not just be caused by Artificial Cranial Deformation, but rather it’s genetic.

The dark mysteries of ancient civilizations are covered up with the lies of the cabal, desperately grasping and attempting to cover up any findings that may deem the Bible to ring true. Their attempts at covering up the truth about the Giants referenced in the Bible will continue to fail.

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Recently in Bolivia, a discovery was unearthed. A total of at least six bodies were uncovered; near a village called Patapatani in Bolivia. A Finnish research team found the remains in a Chullpa Aymara funerary tower, explicitly constructed for people of royal status.

The Research Team

Two of those bodies house extreme features; they display anomalous cranial deformation: freakishly large, elongated skulls. But, one of them has an elongated head that exceeds the proportions of an artificial cranial deformation. Their discovery means that the researchers could have discovered another “subspecies” of human beings. Or it could be an offspring of the giants.

To remove any doubt that this is just an isolated incident and in fact a genetic trait. Among the discoveries was a younger child who was no more than seven to nine months in development, she also had an elongated skull. According to Ken the radiologist on the team, he believes that the 10-13-year-old girl died during child birth.

The Elongated Skulls of 13 year old girl and her unborn child.

Elongated skulls are not only discovered in the Americas but have been unearthed all over the globe. The elongated skulls are approximately 25% larger and up to 60% heavier than the heads of regular human beings. Until now, it has long been thought that the elongated skulls were only artificial cranial deformation. However, with this discovery, it brings a new light to the very reality that there were larger beings that walked the earth, and their descendants housed features that set them apart from man. Some with six fingers and toes, others with potentially elongated skulls.

Elongated Skull VS Human Skull

According to the Bible, the Nephilim were larger than life; mankind looked as though they were grasshoppers compared to the giants. It is stated in the Genesis 6:4; the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. After years of mixing, those giants would have gotten smaller, but their features still would set them apart from men. Again, one of those features could be the elongated skull because it is larger and heavier than the average human head.

Patapatani Discovery

The truth is stranger than fiction, and as time goes on, more discoveries are uncovered; and with those findings come the very reality that the cabal cannot hide the truth forever.

There are several races of giants mentioned in the Old Testament; Rephaim, Anakim, Emim, Zuzim, Zamzummims, and Zophim. Some still have descendants that are active today. As it’s stated in the Bible; As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of man.


The DNA results are in for another uncovered tomb in Paracas; and the DNA results are mystifying. The standard “story” for how the Americas were populated is as follows; all of the ancestors of Native Americans, before the arrival of Columbus was via the Bering Strait. The following map is what academics use. The scholars believe that both sea and land routes were used for all migration.

Migration Map

The next map shows all of the genetic haplogroups which correlate with the above migration routes. More specifically, A,B,C,D,X. What is strange is that the DNA results from the Paracas skulls do not match any of the above haplogroups.

DNA Haplogroups

The skull on the right in the following image is of a 20-month-old baby recovered in Paracas whose DNA was analyzed. Uncovered upon the examination of his DNA was that the only correlating haplogroup was Northern Europe.

20-Month-Old Baby Skull Paracas

It gets even more Biblical. “This mummified head was found in the same ancient cemetery as the above baby, and the only haplogroup that could be distinguished showed ancestry from the Middle East; not eastern Asia.”

Mummified Head Paracas

The next skull showed similar results Middle Eastern Ancestry. It is not known if all of the four tested skulls also had Native American ancestors, as no other haplogroups showed up in the tests.

Paracas Skull

The third and final skull a presumed relative of the 20-month-old baby head; shows the same and only haplogroup present from its tests is again Middle Eastern ancestry.

Paracas Skull


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