Subtly in the background of day to day life, a full blown war has raged, the war isn’t over turf but rather power and control. For the last several decades, the USA has dominated as the World Leading Superpower, but now – Communist China is ready to change that.

Throughout the early 2000’s the world was not in a state of multipolarity, rather the world was in a state of bipolarity. Where China and the USA dominated and balanced each other out, but as time raged on, other countries began to ‘step up.’ Thus creating the increasingly unstable world we live in today, the multipolar world order.

While the (s)election of Donald Trump, to the world, signals that the USA is looking to turn inwards, rather than outwards for global dominance and control, several other countries are set to pounce on the rest of the world for “their spot,” one of which being China.

According to Chinese state media, the leadership of the communist nation is also undergoing a foundational shift, in that, they are altering Beijing’s posture toward the rest of the world.

While the USA returns to nationalism, communist China is turning to globalism; and that is something the socialist European Union, and countries alike are all wanting. Simultaneously, there are operatives within the USA, such as George Soros, who are attempting to overthrow the nationalist movement and return to the globalist agenda.

The Signaling

Recently, Xi Jinping, president of communist China, openly stated his desires for global dominance. Just last month at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Xi mounted a vigorous defense of world trade, at the same time that the Trump administration was promising to withdraw from a major trade deal among Pacific nations that notably excluded China.

Xi’s speech was one of many in recent history where he has asserted the desire for China to play a part in shaping the order of world where economic and other ties between nations are less regional and more global.

However, Xi’s most recent remarks at a national security seminar in Beijing, prove to be the most telling of China’s plans. Xi told attendees that China needs to step in to “guide” the development of a new world order, taking the place of the US.

Openly, within that statement, China declared a covert-sort-of-war against the United States. Previously, the US has engaged in open proxy wars with Russia; but given the crises in the South China Sea, it is rather evident that China and the US will begin globally sparring shortly.

“The United States may no longer want to be a provider of global security and public goods, instead, pursuing unilateralism and even nationalist foreign policy,” he said, according to a state-run news website.

The Xinhua state news organization quoted Xi saying, “The overall direction of multi-polarization of the world, the globalization of the economy and the democratization of international relations has not changed…No matter how the international situation changes, we must maintain our strategic steadiness, strategic confidence, and strategic patience.”

Further paraphrasing the president’s remarks, Xinhua wrote, “He called for global vision in national security work, coordinating development and security, combining principles with tactics, and taking the strategic initiative in China’s own hand.”

The Takeover

China is openly calling for a ‘world restructuring,’ which is formally called Beijing’s “Two Guides” policy, the communist nation is stressing international security as well as a reorganization of the world order, and Beijing is broadcasting this openly.

In history, when one country attempts to “overtake” another, whether it be for land or influence, war ensues, and the communist nation of China just practically called for it.

Within a multipolar world order, alliances shift constantly; and with this stage of world restructuring, alliances are shifting. The biggest example to date, the European Union is seemingly aligning itself with communist China rather than the USA.

The United Nations often has fashioned communist China for its work regarding climate change, and population control, now, Xi Jinping calls for a New World Order, one that can only rise from the ashes of the USA and the ashes of a multipolar world order. The New World Order is based in communism and the communist nation of China now wants to lead and create it, how ironic. What say you reader?

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