For many Americans, Donald Trump is a nightmare but not to the bankers and cabal, to them he was the desired candidate. Donald Trump is set to “rebuild” American infrastructure which aligns itself directly with the United Nations Agenda 2030, specifically sustainable development goal nine.
A daunting time is coming to every American home where nothing will be the same, and no one will escape the abuse incurred under a declared state of Martial Law.
Over the last several years Christians across the world have faced persecution, oppression, and now according to the United States government genocide.
Recently a job listing came up in Vermont, placed by the FLSS, which stands for “Foreign Language Services Simulation.” The drill is in July, in Burlington Vermont. The details of this “drill” are far from the usual crisis scenario.
On June 24th, 2018 Maxine Waters called for increased attacks against the Trump Administration. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security has formally warned its employees of increased threats to their persons. Over the weekend, strife struck when Maxine Waters...
When it comes to having access to information, North Korea and America are worlds apart. One nation is totally closed, with the populace only getting what the media feeds them. And the people have no internet access. The other...
The Federal Government is notorious for the use of Crisis Actors, in certain “live” simulations which appear to the rest of the world as real events.
The Pentagon has teamed up with DARPA and other agencies to create a "self-aware" AI, robot, that will use posts on social media to decipher a threat level of an individual and determine whether or not they should be placed on a kill list.
A man is standing tall for his faith in Champaign, Illinois against the LGBT mandatory regulations and because of his faith, he may lose his job. This instance sends a message to Christians near and far, comply or be out of work; and that is plainly unacceptable not to mention illegal.
For the last several decades, the USA has dominated as the World Leading Superpower, but now - Communist China is ready to change that.
Preparing for war is not small feat, but the US military is actively preparing for war both with other countries, and it’s own citizens. The United States Military recently placed an order for an enormous amount of body armor. The...
A dark tide is washing upon the USA, ill-informed police officers harassed and arrested a woman for simply praying in her own home.