Groundbreaking Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer

The cancer patient killer - chemotherapy. A groundbreaking study shows that up to 50 percent of cancer patients die from the drugs, not the disease.

UPDATED – Prominent Environmentalist: To Fight Climate Change The United Nations Must Use Depopulation

The United Nations now owns the climate, in a rather sweeping move for control of the weather - the UN successfully adopted the Paris Agreement into its agenda. Citing that Climate Change is the most important issue of our time, environmentalists across the globe have offered solutions that range from cutting emissions to depopulation.

Scientists Will Now Alter Weather Over Arizona – Chemtrails Added To Cloud Atlas

Harvard engineers who launched the world’s biggest solar geoengineering research program may get a dangerous boost from Donald Trump, environmental organizations are warning.

CHEMTRAILS Confirmed; Local News Station Confirms “Barium” in Chemtrails

The admittance of Chemtrails is inching closer and closer to becoming a reality. ABC news, CBS news, and a handful of other news stations around the US have stated...

The Technology That Controls The Weather, Controls The World – Climate Change Leads To...

Man-made Climate Change is the result of propaganda, for one primary purpose to control the weather, and as a result of that, to restructure the international financial system.

Walmart files patent for robotic bees, are they planning for future extinction?

Will there be robot-bees in the future? It has been discovered that Walmart filed for a patent for robotic bees that would be autonomous pollination drones for crops. The Robo-bee patent marks only one of six patents Walmart filed for drone farming tech.

SLOOH Astronomer Paul Cox: Our Solar System Has Two Suns

Astronomer Paul Cox employed by Slooh, an organization with close ties to NASA, makes an astonishing claim: our solar system contains two suns. The amount of deception fed to the...

Pole Shift Coming? Scientists Discover ‘Jet Stream’ of Molten Rock Under Alaska and Siberia

A fast-flowing river of molten iron has been found surging under Alaska and Siberia, some 3,000 km (1,864 miles) below the surface - and it appears to be speeding up.

The San Andreas Fault, New Madrid, and East Coast are all set to For...

With research compiled, it appears as though America better get ready for a set of detrimental earthquakes over the next few years affecting the San Andreas region, the New Madrid region, and the East Coast.

Before the Flood: The Alarm is Sounding – Global Depopulation is Next

The agenda behind climate change is not designed to benefit humanity but rather destroy it; in fact, one of the key movements behind the Climate Change agenda is global depopulation, and on November 4th, 2016 that very agenda went into effect.

CRISPR Scientists creating ‘synthetic human entities’ to test gene-editing technology

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology is working to change the genetic building blocks of entire species. The risks are large, and the reward isn’t promised. Since its release people and agencies everywhere are jumping on the CRISPR bandwagon. Here’s the latest on the potential genetic nightmare.

Cannibalism on the Rise: Chef Slices People’s Flesh and Feeds it to them while...

In recent weeks cannibalism is in the news, sort of an odd twist for a civilized society. At first it was Richard Dawkins assuming that absolute morality surrounding cannibalism would disappear if Lab-Made meat were to hit the markets, but now a 'chef' is under fire in Latvia for hosting a bizarre live-stream which displays people having their flesh sliced and fed to them.

The Heavens: Crazy Apocalyptic Clouds All Over The World Showcase the End Times, Portals...

What takes place on Earth Manifests in the Heavens. Rare clouds are striking all over the world and cameras give people all across the world the chance to see the phenomena; here are just a few of these crazy clouds that have taken place recently.

Scientists Claim Geoengineering is the Answer to Climate Change; Meanwhile Nanoparticles Already Found in...

The hysteria surrounding Climate Change will now set the stage for a full frontal ‘legal' assault brought on by chemtrails and geoengineering.

Photographer is left stunned when her nonverbal son, 7, with Down syndrome takes a...

DailyMail -- A photographer was left stunned when her nonverbal son with Down syndrome took a spectacular photo of what she believes is his guardian angel. Seven-year-old Aasher Liles,...

Matt Drudge: They are Manipulating the Data Regarding Hurricane Matthew to Push Paris Agreement

Wait a minute, why in the world would the globalists manipulate the data on Hurricane Matthew? According to Matt Drudge, it is to support Hillary Clinton, but it's far worse than that. The globalists are successfully signing the Paris Agreement.

BLOOD MOON: Extinction event asteroid threat CANNOT be ruled out claims scientist

First of all, lets get something clear. We at Intel Revolution don't push the "fear of impending doom". That's not what Intel revolution is about, we push facts, reason,...

By November 2016: The United Nations Will OWN The Globe

More than thirty countries, including the US and China, have sold planet Earth to the Global Elitists. In a sweeping power play, the United Nations will own the climate by the end of November 2016.

Clear and Precise Evidence That Vaccines Are In Fact Dangerous!

This article was created for anyone who needs verifiable PROOF that vaccines are in fact dangerous. Not one of these facts are referenced from any anti-vaccine conspiracy website, but...

CERN and the LHC Just Shook The Entire Planet Like A Drunkard

The Large Hadron Collider suffered a devastating blow just yesterday. The infrastructure of the LHC powered down, the reason, because of a “weasel.”

Monstrous Ice Shelf in Antarctica Set To ‘Fall Off’ and Create Iceberg The Size...

The Larsen ice shelf has been slowly melting since the 1960's and according to NASA is set to fall off creating an iceberg the size of Delaware.

CDC Unveils Forced Vaccination and Quarantine Agenda – Mass Ariel Spraying of The United...

While other doctors still question the legitimacy of the Zika and Microcephaly connection; the CDC and HHS have already formulated a plan that would, in essence, create within the United States a police "enforced vaccination" state.

Menacing ‘Whale’s Mouth’ Opens Up Over Chicago, Turned Day into Night

On September 21, 2016, in the morning, a terrifying shelf cloud darkened the sky over Chicago, Illinois within seconds.

Gates Foundation Manipulated United Nations Over Genetically Modified Mosquitoes, Gene Drives

According to information obtained through Freedom of Information requests the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through a PR firm, manipulated the United Nations over Gene Drives by recruiting a covert coalition of academics to manipulate the decision-making process.

NASA Spots Comet and A Mysterious Object Hurtling Towards Earth

Nasa recently spotted two objects hurling towards Earth, one a comet and the other a UFO.
Another Crazy Strange Sighting In Florida

Another Crazy Strange Sighting In Florida Don’t Miss It!

Just this morning, September 2nd 2015, at around 5 am a video was captured of an extremely strange sighting in Florida skies. The sighting was of what appears to be a...

Zombie-Like Activity On The Rise Man On Plane Agitated Bites Another Man Then Dies

A man bit another man and then mysteriously died this is not a joke, nor is it satire. This is the real world covered in layers and layers of...

Planet X: Scientists Discovered Planet Niku, in Cluster of ‘Trans-Neptunian Planets’ Shaped Like an...

Yet another mysterious object is lurking in our solar system just beyond Neptune which scientists have nicknamed "Niku." The Trans-Neptunian Planet is a part of a cluster of Trans-Neptunian planets shaped like an "X."

The Heavens: A Nuclear Bomb-Like Cloud Appears Over Siberia, Residents Frightened 

Was a nuclear bomb dropped over Siberia? Or was it a anvil cumulo-nimbus thunderstorm cloud? Residents were frightened that a nuclear war had begun, because of the jaw dropping cloud formation that appeared over Siberia

What in the World? Scientists Warn – Several Large Volcanoes Around the World Are...

A volcanic area in Naples, Italy is starting to show signs of reawakening.

Like A Scene From Hell – California Is Burning, Footage

California is no stranger to wildfires but the current wildfires raging across the state are setting records. In addition, hurricane-force winds are creating an unimaginable scenario, firefighters are struggling to put out the blazes.

Genetic Engineering: Scientists Edit DNA For First Time in Hopes To ‘Play God’

Crispr, the gene editing tool is set to spark a 'genetic revolution,' one problem, no one knows the consequence.

Walker Mayor To File Lawsuit Against Federal Government Claiming Louisiana Flooding Was Man-Made

The Mayor of Walker, Louisiana is attempting to file a lawsuit against the Federal Government for negligence, citing that the flooding was man-made.

Apocalyptic Red Dust Storm Turns Libya BLOOD Red

A crazy red dust storm kicked up in Libya, which turned the skies blood red. Winds of up to 30 miles per hour (48 kph) are forecast for the...

A Massive ‘Gateway To Hell’ is About to Open Up in Africa

A massive ‘gateway to hell’ volcano is about to open up in Africa depicted by NASA satellite imagery; the volcano is more accurately known as the Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia.

Virginia Republicans defeat Democratic bill allowing abortions up until birth

Virginia Republicans on Tuesday killed legislation that would have loosened abortion restrictions after the bill’s sponsor admitted it would allow the procedure even after a mother went into labor. A...

The Sun Will Disappear on August 21st 2017 – Sign of the Times?

On August 21st, 2017 where will you be? According to NASA, apparently, America will receive an eclipse of the sun.

Why Did the Northern Lights Arrive Early This Year? Spectacular Drone Footage Showcases the...

It’s the Northern Lights as you’ve never seen them before: Filmed from a drone traveling across Iceland's stark scenery and clear night skies, Aurora Borealis has the perfect environment...

Brace Yourself: A Comet, Full Moon, and A Blood Moon All in One Night

The heavens are ripe with signs and wonders of the times at hand; and this weekend a comet, a full moon, and a partial Blood Moon will all come to pass within one night.

The USA is Smuggling Immigrants Into the US VIA UPS Airplanes, and Through Mexico

The video you seek is at the end of our video-cast report. --TIME STAMP IN VIDEO, IS THE TIME THIS REPORT WAS CREATED, NOT THE TIME THE FOOTAGE WAS CAPTURED.-- GET...

California Alert 2: Is the Oroville Dam A False Flag Operation? FEDS Ignored Warnings...

Is the Oroville situation a false flag operation? Federal and State officials were purportedly warned twelve years ago about the massive earthen spillway at Oroville Dam.

You Gotta See This: The War on Holistic, Alternative Medicine is in Full Swing

Have you heard the news lately? The field of Holistic Medicine is under attack by Big Pharma, yet again. A list containing 14 deaths from inter-related fields of medicine...

Bombshell – Rare SUPER BLOOD MOON Set To Usher In Feast of Tabernacles and...

From the Perseids meteor shower to an elusive black moon, sky gazers around the world have been treated to incredible sights in the past few months.

Nasa announces mysterious press briefing about ‘the search for life beyond Earth’

Nasa is due to hold a press conference to "discuss new results about ocean worlds."

BREAKING: US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans

The truth is that mandatory vaccinations will soon be the law of the land. With how smoothly the industry is making themselves look to the public. All while throwing...

Hurricane Harvey – “The Most Devastating Flood Event in Houston’s Recorded History”

On more than one occasion a question has been raised, why wasn’t Houston evacuated? Some say Harvey is comparable to Katrina; others say the monstrous hurricane came with flooding on a Biblical scale.

United Nations ‘Expert’ – “We are well on our way to the sixth global...

The United Nations recently summed up an agenda to combat ‘climate change’ and other ‘global’ issues that are, in their eyes, ‘driving the sixth global extinction of species in the history of the planet.’ But now...

Next Planned Parenthood Video And Ex-Satanist States Abortion Is A Satanic Sacrifice

Planned Parenthood, the satanic meaning behind it all has finally been truly and fully exposed. Recently the latest video has been released regarding planned parenthood, and it is just...

The Climate Extremists Emit More Extravagantly False Claims

Prince Charles declared on July 18, 2015 that the world now has “just 35 years to save the planet” from “global warming”. But this new climate ‘tipping point’ marks a huge reprieve from Prince Charles original 100 month tipping point issued in 2009.

Monsanto & Bayer the Merger From Hell; Fulfilling the Agricultural Agenda Under 2030

Monsanto and Bayer, the two corporations which have the capacity to destroy mankind through the use of corrupted food are planning to merge into one giant death machine for...